Kids Show Masterplan - The Magical Age of 8

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Magic download (ebook) by Danny Orleans (Free)

Kids Show Masterplan - The Magical Age of 8 - magic

Here's a free sneak peak at a couple of pages from Danny Orleans' book, Kids Show Masterplan. If you think that "all kids magic is the same" and that you can do the same tricks whether the kids are in preschool or in 4th grade, then reading about "The Magical Age of 8" will make you think again.

Danny uses his experience and background as a preschool and elementary school teacher to examine the developmental changes that take place in young children. He applies it to the way kids perceive magic, how it impacts your performing style as well as the tricks that you choose to do for young audiences.

Download and read "The Magical Age of 8" and you'll get a taste of Danny's expertise that you'll find throughout Kids Show Masterplan. His knowledge, techniques and strategies for performing magic for children will improve your show and make you a better kids entertainer. "The Magical Age of 8" is another free download from


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