The Running Gag

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The Running Gag - magic

Directly from Danny Orleans' Kids Show Pro Workshop, get a free e-book on the effectiveness of Running Gags and Callbacks in your kids show.

At AmazeKids we’re all about helping magicians that perform for kids and their families be the best they can be. We think including a running gag in your show is a step in the right direction. So when you get our free download, you’ll learn all about Running Gags and Callbacks including:

  • The Three Categories of Running Gags (verbal, visual and magical)
  • What’s a Running Gag and why should your show have one?
  • Why kids love Running Gags (It’s more than, “’cause they’re funny.”)
  • How to choose a Running Gag that complements you and your show
  • The Running Gag that’s not so funny
  • How to convert a traditional kids show prop into a Running Gag.
  • Ten Running Gags that are great for kids shows.

So, if you haven't already done so, register at AmazeKids, and download your free e-book, right now. You'll soon be injecting a comic moment into your show that'll make kids laugh again and again and again...


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Ray Roch

Excellent advice