The Art of Teaching Magic to Children ebook

Magic download (ebook) by Danny Orleans

The Art of Teaching Magic to Children ebook

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Magic download (ebook) by Danny Orleans ($20.00)

Danny Orleans has been teaching children how to perform magic at libraries, YMCAs, community centers, summer camps, after-school programs and park districts for over 40 years. In this 30-page e-book, he shares his teaching techniques for magicians who want to hold magic workshops for children. He combined what he learned as a magic teacher with his years of performing magic for children to serve as a consultant for Scholastic Publishing. The result was ten magic sets called "The Ultimate Magic Club."

In The Art of Teaching Magic to Children e-book you will learn classroom management strategy, how to use magic to teach SUCCESS, how to set up the classroom, structure class time and more. Also included is the actual 8-week curriculum that Danny has used over and over again to teach children as young as 7 years old. Best of all, you get detailed instructions for 12 tricks, including 9 highly illustrated handouts for you to photocopy. These really help kids when they practice at home. The e-book has over 50 illustrations and photographs which clarify the teaching process.

Chapter Titles include:

  • Goals when Teaching Magic to Children
  • The Beginnings 
  • Why you should Plan Backwards
  • Structure in the Classroom
  • The Feedback Process
  • About Handouts
  • Curriculum Sample
  • Tricks to Make Yourself
  • Handouts for Tricks that Kids can Make and Do
  • Instruction Handouts for Inexpensive Dealer Items
  • Certificate of Magical Achievement 
  • Aces Up -- Card Trick Instructions
  • Letter to Parents

If you have an opportunity to teach magic to a group of children, whether it's a formal class, or a couple of nieces, nephews or grandchildren, The Art of Teaching Magic to Children will give you the foundation you need to make the experience a success for you and your young students.


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