Pre-Show Warm-Ups

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Magic download (ebook) by Danny Orleans (Free)

Pre-Show Warm-Ups - magic

What do you do before the show while kids are waiting for you to start? Danny Orleans has a solution. In this free e-book you’ll learn the pre-show warm-up that he uses before every kids show. He calls it “The Magic Finger Exercises” and it’s captivating, makes kids laugh out loud and promotes audience unity.

The Magic Finger Exercises…

  • Uses a fun, do-as-I-do format.
  • Can run from 30 seconds to 3 minutes
  • Involves every member of the audience
  • Is performed silently

Best of all, there’s a link in the book to a video of Danny’s Free Online Lecture, so you can see him perform this interactive warm-up and witness how much kids like it. Download the free e-book and get your kids show audiences all warmed up for your next performance!


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