Mentalism for Young Minds - Volume 2

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Mentalism for Young Minds - Volume 2 - magic

Volume 2 is LARGER and has MORE ROUTINES, TRICKS and ADVICE than volume 1. This has OVER 55 routines direct from professional performer's repertoires. Everything from walk-about to stand-up shows. Many with props you can make yourself, or have in your cupboard.

When Paul asked me to contribute to volume 2 I jumped at the chance .So here we are with another volume chock full of advice, tips, scripts, routines and tricks to entertain children and families with. Use them well.Bill Abbott

This completes the two volume set for performers who want to add some mentalism in to their show. Anybody who has purchased Volume 1 will tell you that mentalism CAN and IS being performed by magicians and mentalists for younger minds around the world.

Contributors includes:

  • Bill Abbott 
  • Greg Arce 
  • Danny Archer 
  • Christopher Berry 
  • Reg Blackwood 
  • Greg Britt 
  • Ken Dyne 
  • Martin Duffy 
  • Andrew Gerard 
  • Jim Gerrish 
  • David Ginn 
  • David Harris 
  • Barry Harvey 
  • Michel Hout 
  • Matthew Johnson 
  • Cris Johnson 
  • Jim Kleefeld 
  • David D. LaRue 
  • Anthony Lindan 
  • Larry Lipman" 
  • Isaac Louie 
  • Endre Løvås 
  • Lon Mandrake 
  • Nick Morton 
  • Kyle Peron 
  • Ken Ring 
  • Wayne Rogers 
  • Paul Romhany 
  • Dal Sanders 
  • Professor Spellbinder 
  • TC Tahoe 
  • Christopher Taylor 
  • Richard Webster

Available as a book or ebook

Pages: 257 - 8.5" x 8.5" - Softcover or PDF format


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