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Sneaker Juice

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Multiple Choice: What is Sneaker Juice?

a) What you get when you pour water into a kid’s sneaker

b) A disgusting drink that makes kids go “EEEWWW!”

c) A hilarious trick by Silly Billy aka David Kaye

d) All of the above

If you guessed ALL OF THE ABOVE, you’re right.

Borrow a sneaker from a young audience member, pour in water, then insert a small plastic cup. When you extract the cup, it’ll be filled with echhy water. But the sneaker will be completely dry. Should you drink the Sneaker Juice? Watch the video and see what happens when Silly Billy himself performs this classic trick transformed into a crazy kids routine!

Sneaker Juice really captures and holds kids’ attention. It looks like a kid's sneaker is “at risk,” and the delightfully disgusting ending makes kids wonder...

  • “Was it really sneaker juice?”
  • “Did he really drink it?”
  • “How did the juice get into that cup?”

This AmazeKids video download stars the inimitable Silly Billy as he performs and teaches one of his favorite bits. It’s straight from his birthday party show repertoire and, because you can download it now, it can be in your show tomorrow. All you’ll need is some small plastic cups, water, and a sneaker or shoe.

Use Silly Billy’s routine or make up your own. Either way, making a batch of Sneaker Juice at your next kids party will be the formula to make kids laugh out loud; as they wonder “How did you do that?”


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Customer reviews for Sneaker Juice


I purchased the download recently and realized this was a trick I was going to put into my show right away. I recently did it at a day camp in front of about 60 kids ranging in age from 5 to 11.

In short, the trick went GREAT! I got plenty of reaction when I poured the
water into the shoe; when I withdrew the nasty-looking water; when I waved my hand in front of my nose after "smelling" the drink and after I drank it and
reacted "that's disgusting."

I highly recommend this trick and routine. As I continue doing it, I'll no
doubt refine it to my performance style, although David's routine is hard to

Lorenzo the Great!
Larry Lipman



I learned Sneaker Juice at a Silly Billy lecture, but it is a great routine, and worth a $10 download if you have any interest in this kind of routine. Like the other review says, the routine is great as is, but you can add your own spin on it.

Sneaker Juice by David Kaye