Topsy Popsy Wand

Trick by Unknown
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Topsy Popsy Wand

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Trick by Unknown ($13.30 - normally $17.50)

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Topsy Popsy Wand - magic
Topsy Popsy Wand Topsy Popsy Wand

Funniest. Wand. Ever.

This is one of the funniest magic wands you'll ever use because the sight gag plays really big. When you give this big, plastic wand a squeeze in the center, one of the white tips pops off! Pick it up and put it back on and the other tip pops off! So much fun!

How long you keep the pandemonium going? It's up to you. Trixie Bond's Topsy-Pospy Wand is one of the most popular gimmicked wands among full-time kids show professionals--and one of the easiest to use.

The black and white wand is 16" long and 2" in diameter. The plastic body has just the right amount of flexibility to maintain its shape. But, gives you enough air pressure so, when you squeeze it--POP goes the white tip-- onto the floor, into the audience, or up into the air so you can catch it.

Karrell Fox's idea of attaching the tips with an internal rope lets the tips pop off and dangle, creating a different kind of silliness for young kids. (And it prevents kids from scrambling to pick them up). You can even use the inside of the wand as a place to find a colorful silk that has previously disappeared.

With every order, you'll get two free e-books. Break Away, written by Danny Orleans, has 21 approaches from different magicians on how they handle the Breakaway Wand and other Breakaway props. Also you'll get an 8-page e-book with illustrations and photos with handling strategies and ideas for routines with the Topsy Popsy Wand, so you can start working with it right away.

Get the Topsy-Popsy Wand and you'll be adding a real POP to your next kid show!


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I got this year's ago in an estate I inherited. I didn't know what it was called and had no instructions with it. It got Huge laughs every time. I'm happy to have found this si I can replace mine and use it again. I highly recommend this.

Topsy Popsy Wand by Unknown