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Magic 80

19.95 usd

DVD ($19.95)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
Magic 80 - magic

Spend the next two hours with David Ginn, author of 80+ books on entertaining children with magic, and be prepared to take notes! On this DVD, comes two of David's early releases from the early 1990's.

David will teach you 80 tricks, jokes, gags, and routines YOU CAN USE for family and children's shows. Get fired up to have fun learning!

  1. Behind the Scenes 1991
  2. Quick Costume Change
  3. Tie Warm-Up
  4. Blooming Bouquet
  5. Siren Flashlight
  6. Coke to Ketchup Bottle
  7. Applause Sign
  8. Color Change Lace
  9. Purple Orange Eater
  10. Computer Baby
  11. Happy Attitude
  12. Loose Teeth
  13. Homemade Electric Deck
  14. Color Changing Wreaths
  15. Kansas Twister
  16. Quick Cake Bake
  17. Look, Don't See
  18. Rabbit Shower
  19. Bunny Rabbit C-Grip
  20. Wand To Flower
  21. Flower to Cane
  22. Little Indian
  23. Eye Contact
  24. Silk Illusion
  25. My 1st TV Show
  26. Silks Not Tied
  27. 6 Card Repeat
  28. Money from Bare Hands
  29. Twin Flower Bouquets
  30. Steady Pace
  31. ABC's Backwards
  32. Banana Trick
  33. 6 Foot Ruler
  34. Change Bag Gag
  35. A Really Simple Rope Escape
  36. Bongo Hat Fold
  37. Pocket Zapper
  38. Flying Silk knot
  39. Performer in Trouble
  40. Popaway Wand
  41. Supreme Squeak-A-Wand
  42. Crystal Casket
  43. Fishing Pole Wand
  44. Balloon Bear
  45. Jumbo Surprise Wand
  46. Vanishing Nehi Peach Soda

    Magic They Love To See 1994

  47. Where is David? Production
  48. Coke Bottle Appears
  49. Tie Race
  50. Dollar Mine
  51. Rainbow Streamers Production
  52. Streamer Cane
  53. Cane and Canister
  54. Silk & Cane up Sleeve
  55. Sponge Balls from Silk
  56. Stage Sponge Balls
  57. Sponge Ball Rabbit
  58. Wally Reid Elusive Bunny Box
  59. Balloon to Rabbit Live
  60. Yes Glasses
  61. Aluminum foil Torn & Restored
  62. Ginncloth Flowers
  63. Ginncloth Extra Load
  64. Whistle to Bandanna
  65. Disbanded Up Close
  66. Coin Pail Live
  67. Magician Out of a Hat
  68. Gone with the Wind
  69. Gypsy Dog
  70. Reform, Reform Dirge Song
  71. I Saw Your Face in the Window
  72. The Hills Are Alive
  73. Roses are Red
  74. Snow White Pictures
  75. Card on Back Live
  76. Coke Bottle Explained
  77. Goodbye and Good Wishes
  78. Sisters Explained
  79. Everybody Gone
  80. Magic Dedication, Card Fans & Sub Trunk
  81. Surprise After the Credits

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