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Magic download (ebook) by Nikola Arkane
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Becoming FizzWizzPop

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Magic download (ebook) by Nikola Arkane ($25.00)

How do you go from unemployed to becoming the busiest kids magician in your country? You’ll find out how Nikola Arkane did it when you read her semi-autobiography Becoming FizzWizzPop. This ebook details her journey. It’s a step-by-step guide to working with children through performance and turning your love of magic into a successful business.

This is an ebook of ideas, stories and practical methods on how to entertain and captivate children. You’ll read the happy stories and the horror stories as you enjoy 92 pages that includes beautiful full-page action photos. Nikola details how she created her stage name, the self-discovery of her character, the decision-making process she went through to choose her costume, how she broke in her act, how she leveraged word-of-mouth marketing and more.

Of the 24 chapters, here are our favorite titles:

  • Wonderlust: A passion for feeling wonderment
  • Time to face the music
  • Why put myself through the hell of performing for children
  • Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional
  • Kids will be kids
  • Simplicity is not a simple thing

Nikola breaks down her show into eight sections, justifying her decision-making process as she considers the audience’s age. You’ll learn her approach to scripting and how she adds music and storytelling to her magic. Her experience with kids is most apparent in her chapter on Gaining Control and Keeping It and she includes nine strategies for controlling nearly every imaginable kid behavior.

There’s a section on the importance of professionalism and she tips her most important business tips. But more importantly, her chapter on Three Wishes includes the importance of patience, generosity, spontaneity and respect (the bonus wish).

Whether you’re a full-time pro, or ever wondered what it’s like to start a kids entertainment business from scratch, you’ll enjoy reading about Nikola’s 15-year journey to become the busiest children’s magician in Northern Ireland.


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Becoming FizzWizzPop by Nikola Arkane