Art of Presenting Magic to Children - DOWNLOAD

Magic download (video) by Danny Orleans
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Art of Presenting Magic to Children - DOWNLOAD

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Magic download (video) by Danny Orleans ($75.00)

Now available as a download, (and more than $50 or the price of the DVDs), critics have called the content the best way to learn how to perform magic for children. Danny Orleans—former elementary school teacher—shares over 40 years of experience performing magic for over one-million children, parents and their teachers.

"This project is something special for reasons that transcend the magic show. It is a master class in the psychology of young audiences...Invest in this content...It is an exceptional resource...You'll learn indispensable skills for interacting with children." Genii Magazine

Watch the trailer to decide how Danny Orleans can help you. The download includes:

  • 45-minute Family Magic Show in a library setting, 3-camera shoot, professionally edited
  • 75-minute commentary. Hear the dialogue with child communication expert Michael Brandwein, as you watch the show again and hear them discuss 70 audience management strategies that Danny uses.
  • Eugene Burger interviews Danny Orleans on his Philosophy of Children’s Magic
  • 8 routines, 14 tricks, 2 bonus tricks including
    • Comedy Zombie
    • Colossal Coloring Book, Vanishing Crayons, Multiplying Wands
    • Eugene Burger's method for Gypsy Thread
    • Audience Participation Miser's Dream
    • Stratosphere
    • AmazeCups
    • Surprise (Sucker) Dove Appearance Finale
    • Ropes Thru Dad
  • Vintage footage of the children’s show Danny and his wife Jan Rose toured internationally
  • 20 downloadable files of published essays as well as instructions to make your own prop and tables.
Watching his audience management skills is worth the price! David Kaye (Silly Billy)
Danny Orleans performs one of the best kids magic shows -- strike that -- one of the best magic shows, I have ever seen. Mac King

Danny and his wife Jan Rose have lectured all over the world including FISM. Everywhere they go, kids magicians tell them how helpful their kid show management strategies are. The techniques Danny has created and teaches in this download can be used immediately and will make you an expert on how to handle young children.

When the kids are under control, your show can really shine. It will when you download, watch, learn and implement the ideas from The Art of Presenting Magic to Children.


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    Craig asks: I'm interested in purchasing the download; however, I was wondering if the download offers everything that the DVD offers?

    • 1. Tony answers: The download is exactly the same contents with the DVD version
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Customer reviews for Art of Presenting Magic to Children - DOWNLOAD


I bought this (and the teenager) version some time ago and they really revolutionized my kid's show. This is basically the show (some personal variations) I use for schools and libraries currently. It's a polished set that I'm 100% satisfied with (I bought the teen version after finding value in the child version). Both sets made me a Danny Orleans fan.

The price vs value was great when I got them and I give it 5 stars at full price, but I see it's nearly half off currently and would recommend anyone pick this up. I don't know how long this sale lasts but at 40% off it's a steal. If you miss the sale price, it's still worth the purchase.



Danny’s DVD completely educated me on how to train and manage an audience of children. His DVD was so helpful in managing kids and making sure that everyone was able to go crazy, scream, yell and still be in control of how the kids watch the show. Would highly recommend for someone looking to improve their audience management skilss with kids.



What I especially like about Art of Presenting Magic to Children was the way Danny Orleans uses visual, auditory and kinesthetic techniques with the children to keep them engaged, anticipating and laughing! Oh, and well behaved!

Art of Presenting Magic to Children - DOWNLOAD by Danny Orleans