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Magic download (ebook) by Graham Hey
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Inside the Cage

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Magic download (ebook) by Graham Hey ($19.95)

Graham Hey knows what tickles kids’ funny bones. And you will too when you get his 24-page e-book, Inside the Cage. His combination of quirky and oh-so-silly routines and bits o’ business can be instantly injected into your kids show to make them roar with laughter.How much funny can be packed into a 24 page e-book? Actually, quite a lot! And it’s easy to imagine mixing your magic with his approach to what makes kids laugh.

At AmazeKids, our favorite routines involve an inflatable rabbit, a rubber frog (well, actually two of them), and his no-props-needed Stand Up, Sit Down routines. But yours may be his “Magic Balloon,” a variation on David Stone’s “Splash Bottle.” It's filled with kid appeal because it's a card trick combined with a balloon, a rubber fish and lots of laughter.

Click on the images on the right to read a list the names of his easy-to-read/easy-to-perform tricks, gags and bits o’ business that Graham has performed—and is now sharing—with our community of kids magicians.

Is every gag for you? Of course not! But we’ll bet a case of Breakaway Wands that you’ll find a bunch of items that you’ll try—or want to try—at your next kids or family show.

If you like silliness, body-part humor, Look—Don’t See gags, and knock-knock jokes, Graham will show you how he combines all of it with his magic to make kids roar with laughter. You won’t believe what he has come up with using a Forcing Bag and a “Custard Pie.” His idea with a Tel’s Bel and a paper bag is hilarious. And the magical routines with fake snakes, balloons, paper money, a plastic rose, fake roaches, slime and a ticklish orange will definitely raise your numbers on the laugh-o-meter.

And yes. There’s more. But we don’t want to spoil the surprises in store when you get Inside the Cage.


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Just what I wanted. A bunch of jokes and gags. Very varied and well worth the money.



I'd not heard of Graham Hey before but I thought this ebook was brill. Will you be releasing more of his stuff?



Solid ebook. I wish there were more like this. It's always good to have a library of jokes to draw from.



I bought this after reading the newsletter. I don't usually purchase pdfs but I am glad I did! I've been doing kids shows for years but I got a handful of new gags that I will use. Highly recommended.



It’s a good book. The jokes are just ok but it was a good read and got some good ideas for some tricks. Some things I will use some I will not but overall it was a good book.



I wanted this to be good. Unfortunately, I don’t foresee myself using very much material from this. There are two ideas out the book I may be able to use variations of but the jokes were jokes are bad. Most are generic knock knock and magician jokes that have been around for a while. It may get good responses from youngsters but there’s nothing modern that would apply culturally or within current pop culture. The gags are variations of gags that have been around for decades. YOU may be able to use the material or find useful ideas from it. I personally, could not. I think I would have been LESS dissatisfied had it been cheaper. I would have paid $5 for this ebook but definitely not $20.

Inside the Cage by Graham Hey