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Show-Time: Secrets, Structure, Strategies & More - magic

Learn how to create a powerful performance from scratch using the step-by-step tools found within the pages of actor/magician Michael Rosander of No Sleeves Magic's new book.He reveals the secrets of how to develop your character and select the right effects to construct an entire act from start to finish. Apply the strategies and insight taught to your current show and see the transformation for yourself!

Michael is a professional film actor who also tours with several character-based magic shows performing at schools, libraries, theaters and wherever children and their families gather for fun, education and entertainment. He's a respected lecturer within the KIDabra community with a popular line of products and accessories that add punch to any magic performance.

Get Showtime: Secrets, Structure, Strategies & More and you'll gain insight into how a real actor uses the real secrets of interactive theater to create a great kid show.


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Low Quality Book! Save Your Money!

I literally gasped upon opening the package to my newly purchased “Show-Time: Secrets, Structure, Strategies & More”. Why did I gasp? Because I was expecting more. A LOT more.

I was expecting at least several hundred pages of detailed instructions about how to create a powerful performance from scratch using step-by-step tools written by a college theater major who is successfully touring several theatrical magic shows along the east coast.

That’s what I was expecting. What did I get? A razor thin, pathetic looking, 30 page booklet, that spent as much time defining words I already knew the meaning to than instructing me on how to create a show.

Dear fellow magicians, (the people most likely to purchase this book), did you know that “trick” is an action meant to deceive someone? Or that “gag” is something said or done to make people laugh? Hold on a second, here’s a biggy, did you know that “vanish” is when a magician makes something disappear? Jeez, Louise! I coughed up forty bucks to learn that? An online dictionary can tell me that for nothin’. Thanks for nothin’!

So why was I expecting more? Because over the past few years I had paid around $40 each to get Seriously Silly (163 pages), Maximum Entertainment (251 pages), and Strong Magic (371 pages). All of them the best entertainment instruction books ever written. All of them ranked as “MUST OWN” books by anyone who has ever read them. Please allow me to add “Beyond Look, Don’t See” by Christopher Magician to the list. In my opinion, this is another “MUST OWN” book for children entertainers. By the way, Christopher’s book weighs in at a whopping 471 pages of killer content! Sixteen times bigger and a million times better than “Show Time”.

As a matter of fact, I would gladly pay $100 for each of the above mentioned books because of the immense value they have contributed to making me a better entertainer.

But forty bucks for “Show-Time: Secrets, Structure, Strategies & More”? Seriously? No way is this book worth the same amount as Seriously Silly, Strong Magic, Maximum Entertainment, or any other quality entertainment instruction book in that price range. No freekin’ way!

I said the book was 30 pages long, I’m being overly generous. Do the math and you’ll discover that there’s really only about 25 pages of content. The first few intro pages shouldn’t count, the blank pages shouldn’t count, the puddles of white space shouldn’t count, and the last few pages about the author shouldn’t count. Come to think of it, 25 pages of content is also being a bit generous as I don’t feel right about counting the several pages of definitions as content.

This book reminds me of one of those term papers I had to write when I was in Jr. High. You know the one. You’re given an assignment to write a 30 page report about a certain subject but you procrastinate and don’t do your research or writing until 24-hours before the deadline hits. To avoid a zero grade, you pull an all-nighter, brain dump the few things you think you know about the subject, copy word-for-word stuff straight out of an encyclopedia, double-space the heck out of everything, and finally, stretch everything out the rest of the way with extra wide margins, until - Voila! - a 30 page report magically appears! Yippee!

It’s apparent to me that the author is simply trying to get his name in print in order to tout himself as an author. Nothing wrong with that. But if you’re going to charge forty bucks for a book like the big boys do then write something worth forty bucks. Don’t dump some junior high level trash on the market that any 14-year-old could cobble together in a weekend surfing the Internet.

Buyer beware. Spend your forty dollars elsewhere. Any of the books mentioned in this review are worth that much and more.

Parting shot. Amaze Kids needs to be better about not recommending products that turn out to be low quality. Had they at least mentioned in the product description that “Show-Time: Secrets, Structure, Strategies & More” was a measly 30 pages I wouldn’t have purchased it. And, had I not purchased it, I wouldn’t now have to go through the hassle of asking for my money back or writing this negative review.

Best Regards,

P.S. Need evidence that the book was written with the brain wattage of a Jr. Higher? Page 25 of the book is 90% blank. Just one paragraph at the top. Halfway down the page you will read…

(an example of stating the obvious)
Sorry, I had to fill in the blank somehow…”

I’m not joking. That’s exactly what was flippantly added to the page as content. It wasn’t funny to me. At least not $40 worth of funny.