Topsy Turvey Soda Bottles

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Topsy Turvey Soda Bottles

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Topsy Turvey Soda Bottles - magic

If the Coca-Cola Company were to commission a Topsy-Turvey Bottle trick, it would look like this because you do this with actual plastic Coke Bottles! Welcome (finally!) to a modern-day Topsy-Turvey Solda Bottles routine with contemporary bottles that kids see every day.

You can do the routine in the video, or the traditional Topsy-Turvey Bottle trick with an assistant. Both instructions are included in with the props. You probably already know the classic "Do As I Do" routine: The magician and his volunteer assistant each have a Coke bottle and a tube. They each put their bottle in their tube.No matter how hard they try, as each turns over their tube with the bottle inside, their bottles end up going in different directions. Magically, with the volunteer’s help, the orientation of the magician's bottle finally matches the volunteer's ... and then, as an additional ending option, the magician can produce a THIRD bottle to give away as a souvenir! 

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Manufactured with lightweight, GENUINE half-liter (500ml) soda bottles, handcrafted in the USA. FINALLY! A set of tricky bottles that CAN'T BREAK! Bottles are actually filled with real cola and can be handed out as souvenirs at the end of the routine. Because they are real bottles with the gracefully curved bottoms, the method has been altered dramatically, and the gaff is so much more convincing. The routine  is co-written by Author/Consultant Walt Anthony. The presentation is timeless, and the props are finally updated to the 21st Century! It's time to throw away your repainted beer bottles! Get Topsy Turvey Soda Bottles and start twisting and turning today.


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