Tel's Bells Herbert/Bavli

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Tel's Bells Herbert/Bavli - magic

This marvelous mechanical brass bell can be slotted into lots of programs and almost any kind of comedy show! The basic idea is great, you take a bell and ring it, then when you give it to someone else, they will try to ring it but it won't make a sound! A classic comedy bit from the British magic comedian Terry Herbert. This is so funny, your audience will cry! Easy to use in routines for both children and adults.

Here are some ideas that come with the bell:

For children: before a birthday party, you ask the child to get all his /her friends to settle down , and to act like their teacher at school when they ring the bell to get attention. You ring the bell to show him how to do it, then give him the bell to ring to get everyone's attention. Of course when he rings the is no sound ..... a little louder you ask and take it from him and demonstrate...

For adults: You show the bell to an adult man telling him that this bell has been developed to check how many hormones he has... the louder the ringing the more sex hormones you have ... You of course ring the bell very loud... you give it to the spectator - he can't make the bell create even the slightest ring!


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    Tim asks: Can the performer make the bell ring for one person but not another or can the performer only make it ring when holding it?

    • 1. Richard answers: That's correct, the ring should be in the performer's hand unless you let the spectator know the secret
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