Critter Knitter

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Critter Knitter - magic

Spectators mix and match segments from a book of funny animal pictures to create a wacky looking critter. For Example, they can combine the head of a moose with the body of a chicken and the tail of a fish.

When the performer's prediction is removed from an envelope, it is the same combination of artwork which was randomly selected by the spectator!

  • Amazing and Funny!
  • Requires no Set up!
  • Learned in Five minutes!


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  • 1.

    Dave asks: Is it a stage sized trick?

    • 1. Ivan answers: It's stage size I think, you can view a video demo here:
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  • 2.

    Ben asks: Hi guys, this is a great little effect, is it available as a download rather than a book? I would like to purchase it, but I'm in the UK and I'm thinking the postage would be ridiculous. It would be a nice addition to my color match routine!!

    • 1. Ben answers: I should probably clarify, when I say download, I mean of the files and instructions in order to print the book with the animal pictures and the prediction picture. I love the S*****-O-M**** type effects and the artwork is lovely!
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